Compaction Systems

For large volumes of refuse, or recycling materials, we offer a full range of compaction systems. These units range in size from 6 cubic yards to 40 cubic yards. We can provide the equipment, installation, maintenance and service. In the event of an equipment failure, we offer 24 hour on call service for repairs.

VIP Compactors

VIP Compactors are a vertical compactor unit with a front load container placed below the unit. These units are compact and are ideal for places such as fast food restaurants, or where there is limited space. The sizes of these units are 3 and 8 cubic yards.

Self-Contained Compactors

Self Contained compactors are an all in one unit. The compactor and the container are built together as one unit. When the compactor needs to be emptied, the entire unit is removed and returned. These units are sealed to provide a leak proof compactor. These are ideal for customers who have wet trash, such as restaurants and nursing homes. These compactors range in size from 12 cubic yards to 35 cubic yards. These units are emptied with a roll-off truck.

Break-Away Compactors

Break-away compactors are two separate pieces. The compactor unit is separate from the container. The unit is installed, and there will be a container that attaches to the unit. When the container is full, we detach the container and empty and return the container. These containers range from 20 to 50 cubic yards. The break away compactor is better suited for dry trash, or materials such as cardboard or paper. These are also emptied with a roll-off truck.