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The Concrete Washout Systems (CWS) solution, when implemented by a licensed operator, meets EPA Best Management Practice (BMP) requirements for concrete washout wastewater containment and recycling of residual concrete waste.

The sample spec below is intended to assist contractors, job site managers and architects with defining the concrete washout management portion of an overall Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) to meet National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) requirements. Click here to download the sample spec.


Summary: This work includes the containment, removal and disposal of concrete waste and concrete wash water by furnishing, maintaining and removing portable concrete washout bins.

Bin Capacity/Dimensions:
  1. Each bin has washout capacity sufficient for a pour of approximately 350 cubic yards.
  2. Ramped container accommodates concrete pump trucks, tile and grout and stucco washout: 26 ft x 8ft with ramps extended.
  3. Rampless container for jobs with mixer trucks only: 14 ft x 8ft

Quality Control and Assurance: Records of concrete waste disposal must be maintained and retained, including:

  1. Weight tickets
  2. RDelivery, maintenance and removal of concrete waste bins

Concrete Waste Bin(s) The concrete waste bin(s) must:

  1. Be a commercially available, watertight container
  2. Have a minimum capacity of five (5) cubic yards
  3. Be a roll-off bin, with or without attached/folding steel ramps
  4. Be lined with a solid, affixed, non-stick liner to facilitate recycling of concrete
  5. Be labeled for exclusive use as a concrete waste container and washout facility
  1. Prior to placement of concrete
  2. In the immediate concrete work area
  3. At least 50 feet away from storm drain inlets or watercourses
  4. Away from construction traffic or public access areas
  5. In sufficient numbers/sizes so that total capacity can contain all liquid and concrete waste generated by concrete washout operations without seepage or spills Signs: Install a sign
  6. adjacent to each temporary concrete washout bin location.

Concrete washout bins are used to:

  1. Contain waste and wastewater from washing out of concrete delivery and mixing trucks
  2. Contain slurries containing Portland cement concrete or hot mix asphalt, such as would result from sawcutting, coring, grinding, grooving and hydro-concrete demolition

Service provider will relocate concrete washout bins as needed.

Inspect bins:

  1. Daily if concrete work occurs daily
  2. Weekly if concrete work does not occur each day

Maintenance: Bins must be secured when moved to prevent spillage of material from the bin (solid waste or wastewater).
Any spilled material should be returned to the bin.

Removal and Disposal: Concrete waste and wastewater must be disposed of at a facility or facilities specifically licensed to receive these materials. Concrete washout bins are to be removed for material disposal within one day of reaching capacity.

MEASUREMENT AND PAYMENT Temporary contract washout bin pricing is based on actual count of bins in place and includes full compensation for furnishing all labor, materials, tools, equipment and incidentals, and for doing all the work involved in furnishing, placing, maintaining, and transporting concrete washout bin(s), and for disposing of concrete waste and wastewater and removing the concrete washout bin(s).